NEMS is Committed to Providing a Quality Emergency Care Experience to our Patients and Hospital Partners

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We have recently expanded to Manchester Memorial Hospital, Rockville General Hospital and at Waterbury Hospital!

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The providers at Northeast Emergency Medicine Specialists (NEMS) are some of the most experienced and compassionate in the industry. To be successful, emergency medicine groups must balance the demands of the emergency department, the needs of our patients, and a reasonable work environment for our providers. As a democratic group, our partners not only have input, they are the decision makers. 

NEMS promptly and effectively addresses problems in our emergency departments.  Our physician-led model fosters respect and strengthens relationships amongst our providers and with our patients.   

NEMS’ track record and numbers speak for themselves—look at our quality care, top percentile patient satisfaction scores, and high functioning emergency departments.  NEMS has rapidly expanded in Connecticut while corporate emergency medicine groups are contracting. We are a data-driven enterprise with precision focus on our patients, the needs of our client hospitals, and the welfare of our employees. Every day, NEMS focuses on improving the patient experience in our emergency departments and making our metrics the best they can be. 

If you need to go to an emergency department, go to a NEMS emergency department!

What Makes Us Different

NEMS providers care for more than 200,000 patients per year across six emergency departments. Our growth exceeds that of other comparable ED’s in the State of Connecticut.
NEMS providers care for more than 150,000 patients per year across four emergency departments. Our growth exceeds that of other comparable ED’s in the State of Connecticut.
Average door-to-doctor time of approximately 15 minutes or less across all our sites.
Patient satisfaction remains amongst the highest in the state across all of our facilities with enviable top-box scores.